The Preclinical Neuroscience Experts

Enabling Confident Decisions to Optimize Your Therapeutic Product

Atuka delivers superior study design, model development, and scientific insights for your preclinical study, enabling you to make informed and timely go/no-go decisions.

We provide unsurpassed preclinical contract research and consultancy services for the biopharmaceutical industry, accelerating and de-risking the development of novel therapeutics and diagnostics.  

At Atuka, we don’t have clients — we have partners.

We collaborate with you to aid you on your journey to clinic, and we do so according to 3 Essential Pillars:

  • Science
  • Quality
  • Inclusiveness

From ideation to completion, we incorporate these pillars into every partnership by providing access to leading-edge science that is performed to the highest quality and that relies on your inclusion in all discussions and decisions.

Our leadership team includes numerous Ph.D. neuroscientists with experience in Parkinson’s disease research and related indications. Our experience and proven track record of collaborative scientific excellence enable industry-leading solutions suited to your specific needs.  

At Atuka, we simply conduct better science. 

Neuroscience Research Services

At Atuka, we deliver a range of contract research and consultancy services that include our industry-leading suite of rodent and non-human primate models, including alpha-synuclein driven and toxin-based models, gene therapy enabling technologies, and ancillary technologies, including imaging, pharmacokinetics, biodistribution, and chemistry services to support your drug development programs:

  • Disease model development 
  • Assessment of preclinical efficacy 
  • Gene therapy and supporting technologies 
  • Chemistry services 
  • Pharmacokinetics, imaging, and other services to support drug development 
  • Scientific consultancy